About Us

We are three accidental engineers, who never thought we would be in STEM. Engineering didn’t seem relevant in high school; we didn’tfeel like we belonged in a STEM field. Yet here we are: product design engineers at Stanford University working to highlight the relevance of STEM for students who have historically felt excluded from and/or felt less confident in STEM high school classes.

Through user interviews, we found that teachers teaching in predominantly minority STEM classrooms need to establish an inclusive space where students can feel confident in their STEM abilities.

While many high school teachers observe inequity in the classroom relating to girls and minorities, they feel helpless to act or effect any change. This may be for one of many reasons including (1) not feeling equipped to talk productively about these issues, (2) feeling overwhelmed with the set curriculum, or (3) feeling pressure to teach to standardized tests.

This is where ClassHacks comes in. Our solution makes it easy for teachers to incorporate meaningful discussions about inclusion and diversity in STEM fields into the classroom. Learn more about our project in this short video, linked HERE.